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I happen to chance upon this article by J Cheong who is the Founder, Editor & Creative Director of Jcatalogue, and she writes about love and life.  
This article is simply so true and  beautifully written I felt the urge to share it.



When I was a little girl, I had a very simple notion of love. He’d be tall, dark and handsome. But growing up, I was told there were many different types of men – the Bad boy, Mr. Nice Guy, the Alpha Male. The list goes on. These categories are nothing more than meaningless stereotypes. In life, every girl really only dates three men:
1. Youth – the right person you meet at the wrong time
He’s the one who wrote you love letters. He’s the one who tried to get your number at school. He’s the one who won your heart through childish means. He’s the one you took long train/bus rides with. He’s the one who stole all your firsts – your first date, your first hand-hold, your first kiss, your first walk home, your first couple item. But he is also the first you lose. Not because you didn’t love him. But because growing up, you realize that in life, some stay and others go, and that sometimes we don’t just grow up, we also grow apart. Youth – he was your first lover. He was your first heartbreak.
2. Love – the right person you meet at the right time
He’s the stranger-turned-best friend. He’s the one that made you realize why things didn’t work out previously. He’s the one that made the past heartbreak(s) worthwhile.
He’s the boy who doesn’t just send you home, but enters home hand-in-hand with you. He’s the boy you date at home. The one you cuddle at home while watching movies. He’s the one you’d even bother watching soccer for. He’s the one who holds your hand in town when you’re all glamorously made up but he’s also the one who cuddles you when you’re in bed without make up. He’s the one you grow up with. You know it it’s true when you witness how dates switched from crowded bus/train rides to a private ride in his car.
Unlike Youth, Love knows you inside out. He always knows when you need a shoulder to lean on, an ear to rant to, or a hand to reach out to. He’s the boy you’re proud to bring home to your parents. He’s protective like your father, annoying like your brother but loving like no other. He’s the boy you see a future with. He’s the boy you willingly forsake all other boys for. For the lucky girl, Love is also the boy you grow old with. For the average girl, Love simply is the one that got away.
3. Marriage – the wrong person you meet at the right time
If you’re the girl who got to marry and grow old with Love, stop here. For Love = Marriage and the rest is irrelevant to you. If not, read on.He’s the financially stable one. He’s the career man. He’s the one who wakes up donned in a work suit and oxfords. He may not surprise you like Love did. He may not excite you like Youth did. He may not be as cute and dashing as Youth or as fun and passionate as Love, but for once in your life, you worry less about growing apart while growing up. For once in your life, you’re less worried about baring yourself to someone only to be torn apart.
By the time you meet Marriage, you recognize love isn’t sufficient to sustain a relationship. You recognize that fun and looks don’t last. By the time you meet Marriage, you’ve gone through sufficient heartbreaks to want to be spared another.
Marriage is ultimately the one you spend the rest of your life with. Not because he’s passionate, not because being with him is fun but because he’s what you need – the stable partner who publicly promises to grow old with you, in illness or health, riches or poor, for better or worse.
A lot of us believe true love is about finding the “Right” one. But true love really is more a matter of timing. He may have been right at 19 but he may no longer be the right one at 27. More often than not, we lose our loved ones because we grow apart while growing up.
Just like how time made wrong your relationship with Mr. Right, time too can make right “the wrong one”. And with time, you realize Marriage wasn’t the right one at the right time, because he is the right one forever.
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Sunday, 17 November 2013

A Brand New Beginning

After many months of planning and hardwork on Volupza expansion planning project. I am so glad it all paid off in the end!
A new website marks a brand new beginning. Would like to seize this opportunity to thank all from the bottom of my heart for your support since day one.
We hope to continue to grow from strength to strength to serve you better!


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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Janet's Bridal Shower




look of the day

Wearing  Volupza Brocade Lace Maxi in Ivory.
Also available in Mysterious Black @ $43.90.
Non-translucent with separate inner lining.








Surprise bridal shower photoshoot for Janet - our PGC club president a great success!
Hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we all did.


A special day to remember with good times to last, with memories which to be remembered long after it's past.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Love Moves in Mysterious Ways


Heaven knows love is just a chance we take
We make plans but then love demands the leap of faith
When love appears over the horizon
It's always so surprising
Who'd have thought this is how the pieces fit
Love moves in mysterious ways


You don't love someone because they're perfect, you love them in spite of the fact that they're not.


Thursday, 8 August 2013

Happy Anniversary


It was fate that brought us together 5 years ago. 
And today, we are back at where we first met at SAM - Singapore Art Museum. 
It has brought back so much fond memories. 
Our first "Hi" and Smile... 
Oh well, time really flies. 
I still remember my fiance was so the very shy kind of guy and that left a deep impression in me. 
His persistence and sincerity touches my heart and I'm so glad we hit off so well.



Since the day we've met I cry a little less, laugh a little harder and smile all the more.
Happy 5th Year Anniversary Hubbs!


As we move on to a new phase of life together, it's very important we make a conscious effort to learn to become a better person for our partner. 
I came across this article, "Why Marriages Go Wrong." The following is a questionnaire from that article.
You may find it worthwhile to answer these questions, giving yourself 10 points for each question you can answer affirmative.

For Husbands

1. Do you still "court" your wife with an occassional gift of flowers, with remembrances of her birthday and wedding anniversary, or with some unexpected attentioned, some unlooked-for tenderness?

2. Are you careful never to criticize her before others?

3. Do you give her money to spend entirely as she chooses, above household expenses?

4. Do you make an effort to understand her varying feminine moods and help her through periods of fatigue and irritability?

5. Do you share at least half of your recreation hours with your wife?

6. Do you tactfully refrain from comparing your wife with your mother or ex-girlfriends?

7. Do you take a definite interest in her intellectual life, her clubs and societies, the books she reads, her views on civic problems?

8. Can you let her receive friendly attention from other men without making jealous remarks?

9. Do you keep alert for opportunities to praise her and express your admiration for her?

10. Do you thank her for the little jobs she does for you, such as sewing on a button, darning your socks, and sending your clothes to the cleaners?

For Wives

1. Do you give your husband complete freedom in his business affairs, and do you refrain from criticizing his associates, or the hours he keeps?

2. Do you try your best to make your home interesting and attractive?

3. Do you make special effort to cook his favorite dishes?

4. Do you have an intelligent grasp of your husband's business so you can discuss it with him helpfully?

5.Can you meet financial reverses bravely, cheerfully, without criticizing your husband for his mistakes or comparing him unfavorably with more successful men?

6. Do you make special effort to get along amiably with his mother and other relatives?

7. Do you dress with an eye for your husband's likes and dislikes in colour and style?

8. Do you compromise little differences of opinion in the interest of harmony?

9. Do you make an effort to learn games of your husband like, so you can share his leisure hours?

10. Do you keep track of the day's news, the books, and new ideas, so you can hold your husband's intellectual interest?

Thursday, 25 July 2013



As I'm typing this post, I'm already missing the good times we had in Sydney.
The weather was awesomely cool. The city is beautiful. I love it so much I'm planning to go back there for our wedding photoshoot, hehe.
We chose free and easy in Sydney. Travelling by cabs/city bus is readily accessible. GPS came in very handy. All thanks to B who's very good with his directions, we managed to get to travel with much ease.

Must Go in Sydney:
Sydney Fish Market
Town Hall City
Darling Harbour
Opera House @ Circular Quay
Botanic Garden @ Chinatown




















“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony."


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